A Girl & Three Sweethearts (Ep. 5)

Hello!!! I know you must have been waiting for further episode reviews but so sorry i didnt write since a loooong time as i was out for an official tour but i promise i will not leave writing the reviews halfway..forgetting about my story lets continue with the episode…and one last thing (sorry!!) i will be sometimes writing the review of 2 episodes together but don’t worry i won’t miss out any important scene…now lets continue…(Finally!!)Read More »


A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episode 4)

Here is the review of episode 4 of the drama “A Girl & Three Sweethearts”.

In my previous post i had put up the review of episode 3 so now lets continue with the story. The fourth episode begins with the three brothers enjoying their leisure time by fishing and discussing about love relations and it is not hard to guess that our Toma would have started this subject. Toma, he has a small role so far but even in though small scenes you can see he is a flirt and obviously doesn’t care about anything, neither his cooking school nor a girls feelings. He just likes to play. Later in this episode Kaeda bumps into Kanata in front of the restaurant and tells him that she really wants to get back with Chiaki but Kanata cuts off the conversation by saying “I really know where you went after breaking up with my brother.”

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A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episode 3)

Here is the review of “A girl and three sweethearts” episode 3. I will be highlighting the main scenes.

So till now we can see that Kanata is slowly warming up to Misaki as a friend but just doesn’t like to accept the feeling that he is falling in love with her.The third episode begins with a school friend of Chiaki explaining about the three brothers to an unknown girl. They had showed a glimpse of this girl in the second episode, her name is still a mystery.Read More »

A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episodes 1-2)

“A Girl & Three Sweethearts” is a Japanese drama which was released in July,2016. Here is my review for the first two episodes of this drama….

The story begins with Misaki attending job interview and getting rejected.She has not dated anyone till now as she was busy with work.After a failed interview she goes for dinner with a friend  (maybe a junior as that girl calls her senior) in a restaurant and bumps into her first love Chiaki.Read More »

A Girl & Three Sweethearts (Japanese drama)

A Girl & Three Sweethearts (Sukina Hito ga Iru Koto) is a Japanese drama which began in July 2016. This is a romantic comedy one. You will really love this drama from the first episode itself because it is full of (ikemen)cool hot guys….LOL!!!


The female lead is played by the beautiful actress Meirei Kiritani who appeared recently in the popular movie “Heroine Shikkaku” which is the live-action adaptation of manga (Japanese comic) of the same name. The male leads include the cool Kento Yamazaki , Shohei Miura and not the least Shuhei Nomura.

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