Hello Guys!!!

I am actually new to this blogging so help me out a bit..

I am just a drama lover like you all are. I got into dramas from watching anime then got a little more into kpop music and much more into dramas and movies.I have created this blog to make friends with people having the same hobbies like watching dramas and stuffs. Isn’t it difficult to find people who love dramas??(Lol) I want to share my views , the things i have watched and so on with you guys…..

This blog will be about asian dramas mainly Korean , Japanese and Chinese. If u like I can also add some Thai dramas ( on ur request). I will also be writing on asian movies and food. So please look forward to it. Lets be proud to be a drama lover and Welcome to the DramaLoverzHub…..

You can drop a message at my email – dvnwh21@gmail.com and feel free to comment in this blog…