A Girl & Three Sweethearts (Ep. 5)

Hello!!! I know you must have been waiting for further episode reviews but so sorry i didnt write since a loooong time as i was out for an official tour but i promise i will not leave writing the reviews halfway..forgetting about my story lets continue with the episode…and one last thing (sorry!!) i will be sometimes writing the review of 2 episodes together but don’t worry i won’t miss out any important scene…now lets continue…(Finally!!)

Episode 5 starts with Kanata telling Misaki to not go to the fireworks festival and our female lead ends up taking it as a joke and teases Kanata of getting jealous and goes off to sleep.(sigh…and in here i was expecting somewhat different reaction from Misaki…sigh!)The next day she is full excited for the festival and wonders if she should wear yukata (traditional wear) for it and thanks to Touma and help from Chiaki’s friend she buys a pretty yukata. When she is on her way to go home she sees Kaede (ex-girlfriend of Chiaki) in a cafe giving some cash to an unknown man. Kaede and Misaki have a talk and Kaede says that she was paying up the money of her debt to her friend.


Meanwhile, in the restaurant a girl comes (whom we had seen her in previous episodes) and introduces herself to Chiaki, he gets surprised and before anyone else sees her, he drags her out of the restaurant and tells her to not disturb him and his brothers and to not come again. It’s still a mystery about who she really is.


Now comes the day of the festival, Misaki dresses up and waits for Chiaki at the entrance of the festival. Chiaki comes wearing a yukata (handsome) and takes a picture of her which suprises Misaki, he then says, “you’re looking beautiful” which makes Misaki blush. They play games, eat from the stalls and enjoy the festival like any couple would do.


Misaki decides to confess her feelings but is interrupted by some kids playing. Chiaki tells her that he will take her to see a nice place and goes off to buy drinks.That time Misaki bumps into a man whom she had seen with Kaede at a cafe and he also remembers her and asks if she knows where Kaede is? Misaki says no and wonders why would her friend not know where she is? That man says that he is not her friend and reveals all the truth about Kaede. (omg!) That man then goes to look for Kaede in the restuarant where he meets Kanata and asks about her whereabouts.


When Chiaki returns he doesn’t notice Misaki’s sad expression and they walk off to that place. Chiaki then reminds Misaki that she had something to say and Misaki speaks out and says that he should go and stop Kaede because she is leaving town which suprises Chiaki. Then Misaki reveals to Chiaki and us viewers about the truth that the man she saw was Kaede’s brother, when she was dating Chiaki her brother used to ask money from her and was also going to ask money from Chiaki  but before that happens she broke up with Chiaki and lied that she was going overseas for studying instead she was forced to work in bars so that she pays her brother’s debts. After paying up the debt now when she was thinking of again getting back with Chiaki, her brother showed up again asking for money because of which she is leaving again for Chiaki’s sake…Chiaki is so shocked that he hadn’t known about any of this and he even shouted Kaede before without letting her explain. When he looks up with worried expression, Misaki tells him to go to Kaede and not worry about her. Chiaki apologises and leaves.


 Chiaki reaches the station and finds Kaede waiting for the train. Suprised Kaede asks him why he is here? Chiaki apologises to her that he was not there when she needed him and says he doesn’t want her to leave.She cries and then hugs him..in short now they are back together.


Meanwhile Misaki is still waiting at the place watching the fireworks and crying…that time Kanata comes..(yay!) and sits beside Misaki. Misaki  figures that he knows the truth about Kaede and also that Chiaki went to find her, she says to Kanata that it hurts to love someone and sobs…Kanata leans forward, looks at her and says with all fidgeting that Yukata suits on her which makes Misaki suprised and she asks him, “Why are you gentle at times like this”and cries on his shoulder. Kanata replies, “I will always be there for you.” (Aww…) Episode 5 ends.



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