W Two Worlds Korean Drama (Ep 5-6)

Previously in one of my posts i gave you a glimpse of the korean drama “W – Two Worlds” from episode 1 to 4. Now here is my review from episode 5 and 6, I hope you enjoy it.

Do you remember how the 4th episode ended? We saw Kang Chul entering into the real world. He walks into the streets of the ‘real’ Seoul. Across the street we see a bus stuck in the traffic with a huge ad of ‘W’ (the comic) on its side featuring Kang Chul with a caption below “Will Kang Chul be able to find who killed his family?” Chul is so shocked that he crosses the street in the middle of traffic amidst heavy honking of cars. He comes face to face with his own ‘face’ and is shocked to see the proof that he is really a part of webtoon. He then sees posters of ‘W’ stuck on walls and doors of almost every shop. He immediately goes to  a nearby store and sees numerous volumes of the webtoon all featuring his image.


After reading all his life events written in a comic, he goes to meet Yeon Joo in her hospital. Yeon Joo is surprised to see him and thinks if she got pulled again into the webtoon but he assures that this time he is the one who came to her world and says that in his world everything had stopped except him , the perks of being a lead character in the comic.


She tells him to wait but he just smiles. She then leaves for a surgery, he justs sees her leaving with a kind of sad expression. The next scene they show Chul going into dad O h’s place (now we know why made a sad face earlier) and seeing the drawings of the characters whom he knew in his world and gets frozen when he sees photos of Yeon Joo and her dad hung on the wall, he realises that she is the daughter of the person whom he thinks killed his family. Yeon joo calls her dad and they both have a conversation, dad Oh enters the room and he gets so shocked to see Chul standing right in front of him he forgets to switch off the phone..so we now know that Yeon Joo is going to listen to their talk. Both of them have a heated arguement and we, the viewers along with Yeon Joo are surprised when Chul reveals that Yeon joo was not the only one he pulled into the webtoon for help, before that he had also pulled in dad Oh and this and instead of saving him, he tried to stab him with a knife so that he could end the story but when weak Chul tried to defense himself by stabbing dad Oh, he didnt bleed!!! and ran off leaving him on the floor..so mean!!! Also when dad Oh says that he wrote a chapter of Kang Chul’s  family getting killed only to make Chul stronger and that too there was no killer i.e; he didnt even make a face for the killer…seriously anyone would become pissed by hearing this nonsense..hmph! Chul becomes so furious thinking that he had to endure so much pain and suffering from losing his family and his seaching for the killer all these years was for  nothing! He pulls out the gun and points out at dad Oh.. (we would have done the same thing) Yeon Joo is surprised that Chul does thing and hurries back home. At this time dad Oh provokes Chul by saying that he can’t shoot him because he made him, he made a personality which cannot do any crime like shooting someone and that Chul is not bold enough to shoot him which angers Chul and he shoots…episode 5 ends.Honestly I was fully expecting Yeon-joo and Su-bong to arrive just in time to save the day, like they would’ve in any other drama but they didn’t…sigh!!


By the time Yeon Joo reaches,the medics have reached..Soo Bong must have called them, her dad is unconscious , they take him to hospital and dad Oh gets treated. The next day the news of the writer of webtoon ‘W’ getting shot is all over the news and the cops searching for the killer. Yeon Joo is exhausted and to add up on her , she gets a call from the webtoon company confirming whether dad Oh gave the new chapter which they received early morning and saying that the story is a bit weird. Yeon Joo immediately hangs up and looks up for the new chapter. That time she receives a letter by Chul. It says  “Knowing the truth behind my life..for a protagonist who tried to find…but then ended up being a murderer…what better ending is there?? Goodbye..” Yeon Joo gets tensed and reads up the chapter..it shows Chul going to the Han river bridge and jumping into the water and last page of the chapter shows Chul into the water and “The End” written at the bottom of the page. Yeon Joo rushes over to the bridge but no luck…there’s no one.



People are confused and dissapointed as end is written in the comic and because all the evidences of Chul shooting dad Oh disappears. Yeon Joo asks her dad if he had sent in the chapter but he says no..She keeps thinking about Chul, whether he went back to the webtoon or is he still floating in the cold waters..later when she is in a restaurant for a minute she gets pulled into water and she sees Chul unconscious floating  she tires to reach his hand but can’t he goes in deeper into the water..after that she checks the chapter again and ‘The End’ changes into “To Be Continued”.


She asks help from Soo Bong and they decide to make a new chapter, they hide this from dad Oh (dad Oh goes for a short trip with his friends overseas) and decide the story which would save Chul. The next scene they show Chul waking up in his bed and Yeon Joo a prisoner in the webtoon and … episode 6 ends.


Reviews of later episode will be updated soon..look forward to it.


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