A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episode 4)

Here is the review of episode 4 of the drama “A Girl & Three Sweethearts”.

In my previous post i had put up the review of episode 3 so now lets continue with the story. The fourth episode begins with the three brothers enjoying their leisure time by fishing and discussing about love relations and it is not hard to guess that our Toma would have started this subject. Toma, he has a small role so far but even in though small scenes you can see he is a flirt and obviously doesn’t care about anything, neither his cooking school nor a girls feelings. He just likes to play. Later in this episode Kaeda bumps into Kanata in front of the restaurant and tells him that she really wants to get back with Chiaki but Kanata cuts off the conversation by saying “I really know where you went after breaking up with my brother.”

Misaki thinks she will ask Chiaki to accompany her to a fireworks festival and gets all excited. After all her confusions and nervousness she asks him and he accepts the invitation.Later Misaki, the three brothers along with Chiaki’s friends they all decide to go for a barbeque party kind of like a picnic in their coming off day. Now for the transport they have a car for two people and a mini bus kind of the rest, so they decide the two people for the car by using sticks, from the normal sticks if they choose the red ones they have to come by car and Misaki gets all excited by imagining herself with Chiaki but badluck for her she ends up with Kanata…lol! in the car she tells him that she is going to the fireworks festival with Chiaki which saddens Kanata.


All of them reach the camping site and divide the chores among themselves and again our Misaki ends up with Kanata for kitchen work. While she busy with the chores with Kanata, Chiaki comes and asks Misaki to accompany him for fishing. Misaki is again all happy when Chiaki asks her if she can continue working in the restaurant, when she is about to reply, his friend calls up and says that they have a visitor and the visitor is – Kaede.


Kaede wants to say something so Chiaki and Kaede go for a walk which tenses Misaki. Then Kaede again bring up how much she likes Chiaki by telling that she always used to think about him when she was in overseas but Chiaki bursts out by asking her where was she these two years.( It seems he knows that Kaede didnt went to Boston and was here these two years through a friend of his.) Kaede is shocked that he knows and tries to explain and Chiaki refuses to hear out her explanation and we see Misaki hearing their conversation from far. When Chiaki turns to leave Kaede asks him if he likes Misaki which surprises Misaki. But unfortunately Chiaki turns and answers, “she is important to me….as a member of Sea Sons..” , by hearing this Misaki’s heart breaks as she thinks that Chiaki only treated her kindly only because she was a part of them, of the restaurant.


When Misaki turns to leave she sees Kanata standing there …that means Misaki and Kanata both were eavesdropping Chiaki’s conversation. The trip ends with Misaki full sad and Kanata worried about her. Back in the home Misaki thinks whether she should continue working in the restuarant , she goes to Chiaki’s room to tell her answer. Chiaki gets happy when she tells she is going to be working under them from now on. Misaki agrees despite knowing that he doesn’t love her, she justs want to be a friend and support him secretly. (Sacrifice!!!! sigh!!!) Later in this episode Chiaki meets up with a man (this man wants Chiaki to sign a partnership contract), he shows up a paper to Chiaki which shocks Chiaki ….he is full tensed and nervous..what it will be? I think that it is foreshadowing and something will happen between them, like a sad story because of a secret which only Chiaki knows…the fourth episode ends with Misaki telling to Kanata that she is going to work in Sea Sons even after the summer is over and is going with Chiaki to the fireworks festival. Kanata makes a bitter face and when she stands up to leave he says, “Don’t go to the firework festival” which leaves Misaki speechless and the episode 4 ends.


I am really curious at how this drama is going to proceed because there are many secrets..which only Chiaki knows because in on episode he says, “Obviously, we are brothers after all”. And then, well I guess Chiaki must have a dark story behind and maybe that’s why he is so nice to Kanata? I don’t know. Well keeping aside the suspense one thing we know for sure that a love triangle becomes glaringly apparent in these episodes, but I’m fairly undecided as to which main man I want Misaki to end up with. One thing I like about this show so far is that there’s no “main” male lead who the audience expects the female lead to fall for, so everything is quite vague. This in turn keeps me excited and on the edge of my seat, anticipating any kind of development between Misaki and one of the three boys!!! So look forward to my reviews on later episodes…and feel free to comment or give any requests of dramas on my email- dvnwh21@gmail.com.


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