A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episode 3)

Here is the review of “A girl and three sweethearts” episode 3. I will be highlighting the main scenes.

So till now we can see that Kanata is slowly warming up to Misaki as a friend but just doesn’t like to accept the feeling that he is falling in love with her.The third episode begins with a school friend of Chiaki explaining about the three brothers to an unknown girl. They had showed a glimpse of this girl in the second episode, her name is still a mystery.Now while that friend is explaining about them to her she asks whether he knows a boy named Takumi and he apologises that he doesn’t know and the next scene they show that girl talking with someone on the phone and asking them to give her some more time.Now this is really creepy, who is she? and who is Takumi?


Then they show Misaki and Kanata arguing in the restaurant in their usual way and Kaede (ex-girlfriend of Chiaki) enters and shows the wedding’s photos to Chiaki and later Chiaki asks Misaki for dinner to thank her and Kanata for the success of the wedding and she misunderstands it as a date. Thanks to Toma for making her confused…Toma suggests Misaki and Chiaki to go to aquarium and Chiaki agrees..but when Kanata enters Chiaki also invites Kanata..lol which makes Misaki irritated. Later in this episode Kaede asks Chiaki if they can start dating again but he rejects her by saying that he has no intention of starting over and it was her who first broke up and went abroad leaving him all alone without any contact for two years. Kaede goes to Misaki and gifts her a bracelet for a new friendship and tells Misaki how much she loves Chiaki which saddens Misaki. The next day Chiaki , Misaki and Kanata go for their outing , enjoy like kids then Kanata tells Chiaki that he is going to change the recipe Chiaki gets dissapointed as it was a recipe that they had inherited from their father but doesn’t say much. Kanata than leaves the two behind .CoQz91GUAAA3d_c

Misaki gets happy as if its a date as she is now alone with Chiaki . She decides she will face that she loves Chiaki and runs off to Kaede to tell her that she also loves Chiaki and is not going to give up, when she returns Chaiki still waits for her at the aquarium but it gets closed, so they sneak into the closed aquarium from the backgate.Misaki decides to confess her love in the aquarium but is interrupted by the guard searching for the intruders but she enjoys herself as the two of them hide from him.


When Misaki returns to the restaurant, she and Kanata have a conversation and Kanata realizes that he shouldn’t change his father’s recipe and resumes his work. Misaki dozes off on the table Kanata comes and looks at her and while he moves her hair from her face, in her sleep she calls for Chiaki which makes Kanata dissapointed. Ohhh…and the third episode ends…



2 thoughts on “A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episode 3)

  1. Hey DramaLoverzHub, I really liked your article about Sukina Hito ga iru koto 😀 Your summary alongside the pictures depict really the key moments of the episode, it’s really well done. Keep up the good work !

    Is this a picture of Woo Hyun ? So handsome ❤

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