A Girl & Three Sweethearts Review (Episodes 1-2)

“A Girl & Three Sweethearts” is a Japanese drama which was released in July,2016. Here is my review for the first two episodes of this drama….

The story begins with Misaki attending job interview and getting rejected.She has not dated anyone till now as she was busy with work.After a failed interview she goes for dinner with a friend  (maybe a junior as that girl calls her senior) in a restaurant and bumps into her first love Chiaki.

Chiaki then invites her to stay at her place and work at a seaside restaurant which he owns and she agrees. She is full excited that she is going to live  with her ‘first love’but she doesn’t know that he lives with his two brothers. Before she leaves for that place her friend gives her all sorts of dating tips like ‘put a little bit of makeup when you come out of the bathroom after showering’…lol! and even gifts her a lip balm and advices her to put that daily.She then reaches the place and is very happy to see the beach and coincidentally meets one of Chiaki’s brother but she doesn’t know that and asks him..actually forces him to take a picture of her jumping in the air but he is not at all interested. When she jumps for the pose, because of some kids she ends up falling and this boy doesn’t even help her instead clicks a picture when she falls on her face and leaves with a smile which irritates Misaki..


After all this she reaches Chiaki’s place and is suprised when Chiaki tells her that she is going to live with him along with his brothers Kanata and Touma and that too his brother Kanata was the one she met earlier who was being a jerk to her…whereas Touma welcomes Misaki into their house however, and is much more laid back when conversing with her.


She starts working as patisser in their restuarant . Kanata is the Chef in the restuarant and he doubts if she can make a good desserts as per the customers liking. He doesn’t like her as he thinks she has only come here to get close with his brother Chiaki and takes a quick disliking towards her.

Toma by chance shows Kanata …Misaki’s intagram pic at the bottom of which is written  ‘Don’t come back home without getting kissed!!’by her friend and Kanata thinks he was right that Misaki is not serious about her work and hates her. One night Kanata and Misaki both argue and Kanata suddenly kisses her and tells her to leave the restuarant if she has got what she came for ‘the kiss’ which angers Misaki and she decides to return back to her home but changes her mind when Chiaki comes and apologises on behalf of his brother and tells her to stay.


She resumes working in the restuarant and now Kanata also accepts her after releasing that he was at fault for misunderstanding her and also after tasting her cake,he lets her help him in the kitchen. One day she goes to shop for groceries and sees Chiaki with a beautiful girl..she follows them and is shocked when she sees them entering together into a wedding planning place.


Misaki thinks that both of them are going to get married as Chiaki comes along with the girl in the restuarant and asks Misaki if she can make a wedding cake, by hearing this Misaki’s heart breaks. When she puts up a sad face Chiaki realises that she has misunderstood and says that the girl is just a friend and they are just organising a wedding for their friend and Misaki immediately brightens up and Kanata just watches her going lalala….lol! In the second episode they show the wedding and food and cake prepared by both Kanata and Misaki and we see Kanata opening up a bit to Misaki. It is interesting to see how Kanata’s views towards Misaki changes so drastically and he starts to warm himself up to the idea of spending time with her.


But in the end Misaki is once again heart broken when she is told that the girl Kaede is ex-girlfriend of Chiaki and she wants to again get back together with him . Also during the wedding she sees Kaede kissing Chiaki.


She becomes too sad and then comes Kanata to cheer her up. Misaki gets suprised when Kanata tells that he is going to take her to a place.Then they both ride a boat and he shows her a place where the view is very beautiful and the second episode ends with both of them watching the sunset.



I hope this one was not too loong…As per the viewers request I will upload the review of episodes 3-4 soon….so look forward to it.


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