W- Two Worlds Korean drama

W- Two Worlds, a korean drama which i had mentioned in my previous post which released on July 20,2016. This new romantic suspense drama airs on MBC channel . I had very high expectations for this drama ( I couldn’t help myself as i am a big fan of Lee Jong Suk…). Well, after watching the first episode I am really surprised by how gripping it was because i already like reading manhwas.(so i hope you understand). Till now I have watched four episodes in these two weeks..truly spaeaking its just not enough..this drama should air everyday, why only two days a week…why MBC…WHY????I will try to cover up all the highlighting scenes of this drama.I hope I don’t miss out things.After my favorite drama Healer, there was nothing good in these years and atlast some good interesting drama has finally shown up so i am really excited….and ridiculously happy.

This drama starts with full of reality-bending twists of both worlds and shows the mystery that connects seemingly one ordinary girl who is a normal cardio-thoracic surgeon Yeon Joo in the real world and everyone’s favorite webtoon hero Kang Chul who by all means shouldn’t exist in the same time and space.

It is shown that when everytime Yeon Joo’s father tries to kill the hero of the webtoon “W”, Yeon Joo gets drawn into the webtoon and ends up  saving  our Kang Chul. Its like everytime you want to get out of the webtoon you have to think of some climax sort of scene and our Yeon Joo has to always think of some pretty interesting ways to go to her world which always surprises Kang Chul. It really surprises him because everytime when she does something suddenly and after that disapears. It all comes down to  Kang Chul. Everything seems to revolve around Kang Chul so Yeon Joo comes into the webtoon when Kang Chul desperately needs help.



The episodes moves so fast covering all the emotions and scenes perfectly and I love how the premise gives us two storylines. They have even summarised the webtoon origin story for us viewers. In every episode there was so much just spot on that you have to really work up your brain.In the third episode Kang Chul scares her with a gun so that she tells the truth that how she knows so much about him buts she refuses to answer and ends up fainting. By the way he looks so handsome, isn’t he? (Hehe)


There is a scene at the end which I liked where Kang Chul leaves for Busan for some work and  Yeon Joo tells hims to be careful. He then stops and asks her age and whether she is married. She answers ‘no’, he thens winks at her and smiles so dearly..Awww..so cute!!!


Then as she stands there watching him go, she reaches a hand up to her beating heart and narrates, “I found out later, the reason I was the only one who kept getting summoned here—it was because this man said I was the key to his life. At that point, the heroine of this webtoon had already changed…..from Yoon So-hee….to Oh Yeon-joo.” (Yoon So hee is his secretary)


In the fourth episode she is still in the webtoon and gets arrested as she is a missing suspect in W world.When Kang Chul comes to see her and begs her to tell the truth so that he can help her then she reveals that he is indeed a fictional character of a webtoon in her world, he gets so shocked that his entire life was just the musings of a mere author and the 4th episode ends with a screen appearing in front of him and shows Kang Chul entering into the real world….Ohgod!!!(screams)….What a cliffhanger!!! I have to wait again for next week..sigh!!



This drama has serious suspense as well as it has some comedic scenes and romance..I really love how the director has balanced all these genres so perfectly in one drama. It’s Daebak!! The attention to details is so awesome that it got me hooked into it really good. I am curious to find out that what is it that is pulling the two characters from two different worlds together…is it fate?….or something else which is beyond our imagination.




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