Top 10 korean dishes you definitely have to try :

Below are the most delicious top 10 Korean dishes you have to try and you will definitely like it even if you are not a Korean.If you have watched a Korean drama or a Korean movie you will undoubtedly have noticed that atleast in one scene they must be eating some Korean dish. By only looking at those dishes makes it mouth-watering.So not delaying much here are some of the popular dishes you should try when you go to Korea…

1. Kimchi


Kimchi is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of vegetables and a variety of seasonings. In traditional preparations, kimchi was stored underground in jars to keep cool during the summer months and unfrozen during the winter months.There are hundreds of varieties of kimchi made from Napa cabbage, radish, scallion or cucumber as the main ingredients. It is almost always served along with other side dishes in most Korean family households and restaurants.It tastes spicy, slightly sweet and pickled or fermented cabbage. Kimchi can be eaten alone or with white rice, but it is also included in recipes of other traditional dishes, including porridges, soups, and rice cakes. Kimchi is also the basis for many derivative dishes such as kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae), kimchi pancake (gimchijeon), kimchi soup, and kimchi fried rice (gimchi bokkeumbap).

2. Bibimbap


Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice”. Bibimbap is served as a bowl of warm white rice topped with namul (sautéed and seasoned vegetables) and gochujang (chilli pepper paste), soy sauce and a fermented soybean paste. A raw or fried egg and sliced meat (usually beef) are common additions. The hot dish is stirred together thoroughly just before eating.Vegetables commonly used n it include cucumber, zucchini, mushrooms, doraji(bellflower root) and as well as spinach , soybean sprouts and so on. Tofu either plain or sautéed, or a leaf of lettuce may be added, or chicken or seafood may be substituted for beef. I really love how the vegetables are often placed so adjacent that their color complement each other and with so many vegetables one can tell that it is very nutritious also.

3. Budae jjigae

3.budae jjigae

Army stew or army base stew (Budae Jjigae) is Korean fusion stew that incorporates American style processed food such as spam, sausages, canned baked beans and sliced cheese and instant noodles.Other ingredients may include ground beef, sliced sausages, baked beans, onions, green onions, tofu, baked beans, chili peppers, macaroni, garlic, mushrooms and other vegetables in season. One full serving of this Budae jjigae can really gonna make your stomach full and happy.

4. Tteokbokki (Ddeokbokki)


 Tteokbokki is a popular Korean food made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and the sweet red chili sauce called gochujang. It is most commonly purchased from street vendors. Typical ingredients of tteokbokki are boiled rice cakes, spring onion, gochujang, onions, diced garlic, salt, sugar and different kinds of seasoning based on the taste. Other ingredients include boiled eggs, pan-fried mandu (Korean dumplings), sausages, Korean ramen and a variety of fried seafood or vegetables can also be added.It tastes spicy and of course delicious.Due to the constant popularity of tteokbokki, different kinds of tteokbokki are made.

5. Japchae

Jap Chae

Japchae also called as Chop chae is a Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles (dangmyeon), stir fried in sesame oil with vegetables like sliced carrots, spinach and mushrooms. Sometimes Japchae is served with beef and flavoured with soy sauce and little bit sweetened with sugar. It is usually served garnished with sesame seeds and slivers of chilli served either hot or cold. This dish is served at Korean parties and special occasions. Japchae is most commonly served as a side dish, though it may be a main dish. It is sometimes served on a bed of rice; with rice it is known as Japchae-bap. So don’t miss it out…

6. Kimbap (Gimbap)


Gimbap or kimbap is a Korean dish made from steamed white rice (bap) and various other ingredients, rolled in gim(sheets of dried laver seaweed) and served in bite-size slices. Gimbap is often eaten during picnics or outdoor events, or as a light lunch, served with kimchi. This dish is often confused with Japanese sushi but both tastes different. Kimbap has become a distinct dish, often utilizing traditional Korean flavors, as well as sesame oil, instead of rice vinegar. It looks so colourful and appetizing, isn’t it?

7. Jajangmyeon


Jajangmyeon a Korean Chinese cuisine, is a noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang (a salty black soybean paste when unheated), diced pork and vegetables and sometimes also seafood. Jajang the name of the sauce which literally means ” deep fried sauce.” It uses thick noodles made from white wheat flour. The noodles are made entirely by hand and not by machines, are called sutamyeon are praised in South Korea as an essential ingredient of good jajangmyeon. This dish you can definitely see in any korean drama…lol!

8. Mul naengmyeon


Mul naengmyeon is served as a cold soup with the noodles contained in broth made from beef or chicken. Sliced pieces of the radish is addded to the dish. Vinegar, mustard oil (provided on request at most restaurants), and sugar is added according to taste before eating. South Koreans do not add sugar and use beef broth exclusively. It is a variety of Naengmyeon meaning “cold noodles” which is a Korean noodle dish of long and thin handmade noodles made from the flour and starch of various ingredients, including buckwheat, potatoes, sweet potatoes, arrowroot starch (darker color and chewier than buckwheat noodles). Other varieties of naengmyeon are made from ingredients such as seaweed and green tea.

9. Yangnyeom-tongdak


Yangnyeom means “seasoned” and tongdak means “a whole chicken.” Traditionally a small whole chicken was cut into chunks and coated in batter or dried ingredients, fried, and mixed with a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce. In Korea this dish is very popular among youngsters . It is simple but very juicy and delicious and spicy. I feel like eating it now. Mashittda!!!! (Delicious)

10. Samgyeopsal


Samgyeopsal is a popular Korean dish that is commonly served as an evening meal. It consists of thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat. The meat, usually neither marinated nor seasoned, is cooked on a grill at the diners’ table. Usually diners grill the meat themselves and eat directly from a grill. It is typically served with ssamjang, vegetables, and lettuce leaves to wrap it in.It is almost always served with at least two kinds of dipping sauces. One is ssamjang, a paste consisting of chilli paste, soybean paste, sesame oil and other ingredients; the other one is gireumjang made with salt and sesame oil, sometimes also with a small amount of black pepper. Usually ssamjang is used when a diner eats samgyeopsal with vegetable accompaniments, and gireumjang when a diner wants to taste the cooked meat itself.The high popularity of samgyeopsal makes it one of the most expensive parts of pork.

I hope next time when you are going to visit Korea you are not gonna miss these top 10 delicious Korean dishes…Enjoy eating!!!


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