Upcoming korean drama :

A new drama is set to air this July 2016 which has already captured the attention of million of drama viewers . People are all excited having high expectations for this upcoming drama “W” meaning ‘W-Two Worlds’.


“W” drama is a romantic , suspense melodrama having 16 episodes airing after ‘Lucky Romance’ in MBC channel. Along with a refreshing suspense storyline , the main cast got me interested in this drama.

The lead actor is the most outstanding and handsome actor Lee Jong Suk who has starred in many popular dramas and movies. The ones which i personally liked were I Can Hear Your Voice , School 2013 , Doctor Stranger and the most popular drama which had got many awards and became famous in many countries ‘Pinocchio‘.

The lead actress is Han Hyo Joo who has acted in many korean movies.

The show is about a romance which takes place between Kang Chul (Lee Jong-Suk), a Fictional Character who is super rich and exist in the webtoon “W,” and Oh Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) who is a surgeon in the real world ;”W” Webtoon is created by Oh Yeon-Joo’s Father.Oh Yeon-Joo gets kidnapped by a mysterious man while in search for her missing father and thereafter they encounter a romance through various realities .

After such a long time this unique plot made me curious and got me interested to watch this drama. I am waiting patiently for its release ( Not at all … i am too excited…)

I am really excited to see the chemistry between our lead cast because I think they will make a beautiful pair.

One more interesting thing is that well known bromance buddies Lee Jong Suk and  actor Kim Woo Bin (my another favourite) are both starring as lead roles in dramas occupying the same time slot ( a very tough competition). I think my life  is on line because i have to decide which one to watch first…..sigh!!! But of course i am not going to miss any episodes of both the dramas…Hehehe…





Look forward to my updates on this drama.


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